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Company Name: Ningbo Pengtai Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact: Mr. Sun

Phone: 0574-55846306 / 0574-55846307

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Address: No. 198 Qianjiao Road, Lingnan Industrial Zone, Xinjing Street, Beilun, Ningbo


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,位于中国东部沿海的宁波市经济技术开发区,全面引进了欧洲德国先进机械设计理念和精密技术,专注于立式注塑成型机的设计开发、制造,机器人及周边配套设备的自动化设计开发、制造,是立式注塑机行业中专业从事精密技术创新的高新企业。 Ningbo Pengtai Machinery Co. , Ltd. is located in the Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone on the eastern coast of China. It fully introduces European and German advanced mechanical design concepts and precision technologies. It focuses on the design and development and manufacturing of vertical injection molding machines, robots and peripheral equipment. Is the high-tech enterprise specializing in precision technology innovation in the vertical injection molding machine industry.

Ningbo Pengtai Machinery focuses on creating the famous brand goal of "NBPT" in China, going global, pursuing excellent quality, and focusing on technological innovation. The company has passed ISO: 9001 quality management system certification, implemented standardized production management and strict and perfect quality system. Integrity is the foundation, innovation is far-reaching, adhere to the concept of perfection and perfection, and continuously improve and upgrade core precision technology to meet the professional requirements of vertical injection molding machines in various industries such as automotive, electronic communications, military and aerospace, and actively respond to the national Belt and Road strategy Policies and marketing networks have spread to major industrial countries in the world.

The series of products produced by Ningbo Pengtai Machinery Co., Ltd. include full hydraulic system vertical injection molding machine, oil-electric hybrid vertical injection molding machine, and all-electric vertical injection molding machine, of which PT series is vertical mold clamping vertical injection, PC The series is vertical injection with horizontal clamping and non-compliance. The PR series is vertical injection with horizontal clamping. Each model can be equipped with single slide, double slide and disc. The tonnage ranges from 35 tons to 2000 tons. 1.0OZ-550OZ, suitable for injection molding of general-purpose plastics, engineering plastics, special plastics and thermosetting resins and fiber-reinforced materials, and can also be customized according to market needs.

Pengtai injection molding machine has a super strong plasticizing unit, precise injection system, excellent hydraulic clamping system, and excellent after-sales service. It is the first choice in vertical precision injection molding. We really look forward to working with you to create a brilliant future. .

Business Scope:

1. Professional design, development and manufacturing of vertical injection molding machine

2. Design, development and manufacturing of automated robots and surrounding supporting machinery

3. Precision mold design and development

4.Planning and design of the entire plant output

Company quality goals:

100% passing rate

Customer satisfaction ≥100%

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