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Classification of conventional injection molding materials for injection molding machines

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Classification of conventional injection molding materials for injection molding machines

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For Dongguan injection molding machine plastic materials can be divided into two types of thermosetting and thermoplastic:

1. Thermosetting plastic: refers to plastic that cannot be reused, and its molecules eventually form a body structure.

2. Thermoplastics: Reusable plastics, which are divided into crystalline (PBT, PA) and amorphous (PC, PPO). Crystalline plastics refer to plastic liquids that can become regular plastics when they become solid. Most of the molecules are arranged in a linear or branched structure.

3. Engineering plastic Engineering plastic refers to the plastic used in mechanical components, which can be used above 100 degrees Celsius for a long time, with a tensile strength of more than 500 kg per square centimeter and a bending strength of more than 2,400 kg per square centimeter.

Most of the currently used plastics are: PP, ABS, PBT, PC, PA, PPS, POM, etc.

1. ABS material: (acrylonitrile. Butadiene. Styrene ternary resin). (Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer) Most of the brands currently used are: Sinopec, Taiwan Chi Mei, Taiwan Chemical Fiber BASF, LG ( Ningbo LG), Korea Kumho Chemicals, Korea Samsung Features: Good impact resistance, high strength and rigidity, low temperature resistance, heat resistance, high gloss, easy color matching and secondary processing, surface treatment.

2. PP material: (polypropylene) At present, most of the brands used are:

Sinopec Taiwan Chemical Fiber Zhenhai Refinery Korea Hyundai Singapore mytex India SEETEC

Features: Lighter specific gravity, good fluidity, colorless, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, good gloss, tensile strength, heat resistance, good secondary processing performance, good insulation and chemical stability; plus The price is low, mainly suitable for woven bags, toys, turnover boxes, home appliances, pipes, plates and so on.

The company's products are mainly used in electrical enclosures, such as: three-tube front and rear shells of the motor, small sun rear covers, wind leaves, etc .;

General molding conditions:

1. Mold temperature: 20 degrees to 40 degrees;

2. Drying conditions: 80 degrees or more for 1-2 hours;

3. Material tube temperature: 170 degrees to 220 degrees;

4. Thermal deformation temperature: 80 degrees (1.8MPa, 12.7mm);

5. Softening point: above 135 degrees;

6. Mold shrinkage: 0.5%-0.7% (3.3mm)

7. Tensile yield strength: 20-30Mpa.

Common modification methods are: enhanced toughening, flame retardant, oxidation resistance, weather resistance and high gloss.

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